6/6/20 – 500 yards Practice


June 6, 2020

We will be shooting practice on this day. 

Please note the following is in place post-COVID-19:

  • NARC Members Only
  • COVID Safe App if able to
  • If people consider themselves to be at risk – best not to go
  • 2 Sessions – 10.00am and 1 pm on 4 targets
  • Bookings to Scott Robson by 5.00pm Thursday (Please see the NARC Member FB page or the Email sent by Grant for details)
  • If there is a need to change a preferred booking due to a session being full Scott will get back to member with alternative time
  • Limited to 20 (inclusive of RO and any committee members) in the gathering
  • RO and Committee have the right to turn people away if required
  •  No spectators
  • People need to maintain social distancing and appropriate hygiene measures
  • Clubhouse closed
  • No ammunition or stores sales
  • Please have exact money $10 
  • Bring your own pen