Results Club Competition 17 October 2020 – 500 yards

Well its that time of year when Davison Range gives us its best and lives up to its name. Most of the competitors found conditions difficult to read. With conditions anything from 3 minutes left to 1 to 2 mins right, changing fast.

Only one person was successful in gaining a possible, but only in one string and that was Colin C with a beautiful 55.9. The rest of us were just left scratching our heads trying to work out what the flags and mirage were doing (normally different directions at the same time).

So it is safe to say that Colin took out Div 1 with a 104.11 for the day with Scott R second on 100.5 and Des Vogt on 99.8. David R was the only Div 2 (TR) shooter and scored a nice 98.6.

There was a close match in Div 4 (FO) with Jim D returning to FO from FTR and scoring a nice 65.5 on the second stage, finishing with a 121.5 for the day. Though not quite taking out first place, as Denis M had a 121.7 for the day.

Peter B in Div 3 (F Std) had a nice two point lead after the first range with a 58.2 and Corrie and Tim both with 56’s. He was able to keep the lead on the second range with a 60.3, though Corrie had a similar result as well with a 60.4, but that left Peter in front by 2 points with a 118.5 for the day.

Div 5 (FTR) saw Sarah C take out the day with a 110.5 over Patrick O’B with a 108.4. Carol R looks like she might be getting the hang of her new rifle and scope, with a 59.1 in the second stage.

A reminder to everyone that the next club competition is Saturday 31 October at 600 yards.

The rest of the days results.

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