North Arm Rifle Club

25 & 26.10.14 – NARC Centenary & LDRA Prize Meeting

25 & 26.10.14 – NARC Centenary & LDRA Prize Meeting

85 shooters on the first day and 88 shooters on the second day resulted in approximately 14 shooters on each target.

With extremely challenging conditions from the North to the North-East, including heavy mirage, constant angle and velocity changes, unrelenting sneaky sporadic gusts and heavy drop offs, all shooters were cautious, picking their condition and drawing heavily on their time limitations. All things combined with heat of the sunny clear sky, made the days feel long and the icy end of day drinks that much more rewarding.

A very special accolade was bestowed upon North Arm Rifle Clubs long standing President in acknowledgement and appreciation of his devotion to the club. Dennis was presented with a life membership.  Congratulations Dennis!

North Arm Rifle Club and all its members would like to thank everyone who attended and made this such a FANTASTIC weekend. It was everything that we had hoped for, for our centenary prize meeting.

Congratulations to the range, aggregate and especially the grand aggregate winners who were rewarded with unique reproduction 1916 medals in gold, silver and bronze.

Grand Aggregate top 3:

T/R A Grade

  • Charles Arrowsmith         291.19
  • Geoff Grant                       288.27
  • Frederick Hewitt               288.19

T/R B Grade

  • Scott Robson                     286.17
  • John Tomlinson                 282.15
  • Greg Hanson                      280.16

T/R C Grade

  • Jim Choice                          262.13
  • Neville Bidgood                   261.13
  • George Christoph               254.6

F – Standard A Grade

  • Norm Cross                        335.17
  • David Avery                        334.25
  • Andrew McKillop                334.14

F – Standard B Grade

  • Shirlene Towers                328.10
  • Scott Mitchell                     327.13
  • Grant Larsen                     324.9

F- Open

  • Julie McEwan                    352.25
  • Lindsay Crombie               349.20
  • Cameron McEwan            348.19