North Arm Rifle Club

North Arm Rifle Club

Davison Range North Arm

Proud home of precision long range target shooting on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast


Welcome to North Arm Rifle Club

North Arm Rifle Club provides experienced shooters and those interested to Come and Try our sport with a well equipped, friendly, safe and picturesque venue for precision long range target rifle shooting. We are located at The Davison Range Target Sports Complex, between Yandina and Eumundi, and centrally located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

The sport of Fullbore covers several different disciplines including:

  • F-Class using a rest and telescopic sights
  • Target Rifle using a sling and open sights
  • Anzac .303 using rifles of historical military significance.


At Davison Range Fullbore is shot between 300 metres to 700 yards. To be a successful shooter competitively our sport requires training, experience, refinement of technique, skills such as wind reading (which can be especially challenging among the hills of Davison Range), handloading, patience and concentration. Fullbore competitors also score and check score for each other during competition.

North Arm Rifle Club offers shooting each Saturday on a fortnightly cycle of practice and club competition together with annual prize meetings events. Please see our range calendar for a full list of forthcoming events.

Visitors are always welcome to the club and unlicensed shooters wishing to Come and Try need to make an appointment to attend a club practice day where they will receive one on one guidance to safely experience the thrill and challenges of fullbore shooting.

To make an appointment to Come and Try call Des on 0408063896.


COVID condition compliance will be required for all participants at the range.

North Arm, AU
8:57 pm, August 13, 2022
broken clouds
Wind: 3 Km/h
Pressure: 1018 mb
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 6:19 am
Sunset: 5:26 pm

Congratulations to Dave and Rob.Let’s congratulate the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd)! Check out all the scores –

500 yards (1) – Ash Bidgood, Lee Robinson, Gillian Webb-Enslin
500 yards (2) – Jim Jeffery, Darren Enslin, Ash Bidgood
600 yards (1) – James Corbett, Peter Thurtell, Gillian Webb-Enslin
600 yards (2) – Leigh O’Donnell, Lee Robinson, Mark Thurtell
Daily Agg – Lee Robinson, Mark Thurtell, Gillian Webb-Enslin

500 yards (1) – Stephen Small, Takashi Moteki, Peter Camm
500 yards (2) – Sam Houston, Peter Camm, John Caske
600 yards (1) – Glenn Hindmarsh, Brett Stephens, Ian Errington
600 yards (2) – Stephen Small, Sam Houston, John Caske
Daily Agg – Peter Camm, Stephen Small, Glenn Hindmarsh

500 yards (1) – Ken Allen, Brian Dryburgh, Warwick Thomas
500 yards (2) – Brian Dryburgh, Warwick Thomas, Brett Kettle
600 yards (1) – Brian Dryburgh, Paul Kerlin, Brett Kettle
600 yards (2) – Paul Kerlin, Warwick Thomas, Ken Allen
Daily Agg – Brian Dryburgh, Paul Kerlin, Ken Allen

500 yards (1) – Nick Williamson, Mal Sharp, Damien Tansley
500 yards (2) – Andrew McKillop, Mel Power, Henk Doggen
600 yards (1) – Henk Doggen, Mal Sharp, Andrew McKillop
600 yards (2) – Andrew McKillop, Mel Power, Henk Doggen
Daily Agg – Andrew McKillop, Mel Power, Henk Doggen

500 yards (1) – Terry Trigg, John Preece, Darryl Patti
500 yards (2) – John Preece, Darryl Patti, Kerry Hamer
600 yards (1) – Darryl Patti, John Preece, Paul Johnson
600 yards (2) – Lana Mayfield, John Preece, Brett Long
Daily Agg – John Preece, Lana Mayfield, Darryl Patti

500 yards (1) – Garry Trudgett, Ernie Mace, Jason Mayers
500 yards (2) – Seb Lambang, William Marthen Banua
600 yards (1) – Sean Campbell, Jason Mayers, David Boreham
600 yards (2) – Joshua Cox, William Marthen Banua, Bill O’Brien
Daily Agg – Sean Campbell, Joshua Cox, Brian Potter

500 yards (1) – John Stevens, Cam Free Yuliana Yuliana
500 yards (2) – John Stevens, Nikki Broom, Water Estermann
600 yards (1) – Meher Rady Shah, Mark Fairbairn, Jordon Drew
600 yards (2) – Walter Estermann, Scott Mitchell, Rob Griffith
Daily Agg – John Stevens, Water Estermann, Cameron Free

We look forward to bringing you the 900 and 1000 yards tomorrow!
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3 days ago  ·  

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North Arm has a number of shooters competing in the Duncan Aggregate, keep an eye on how they are progressing, even watch their every shot through the hexta system.
Good luck everyone.It’s game time. Let’s get excited. Day 1 of the Duncan has arrived. You can keep up to date with scores…

See you on range shortly.
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4 days ago  ·  

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Congratulations to Dave for his FO win yesterday and Rob for his recovery trophy.
Good luck today.
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7 days ago  ·  

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Please Note:

For the purpose of any inquires, this web page and contact phone number ONLY relates to the North Arm Rifle Club (long range full bore shooting) and NOT to SSAA Sunshine Coast Branch, North Arm Shot Gun Club or North Arm Pistol Club. 

North Arm Rifle Club is home to a diverse range of shooters and always welcomes new members.

Our club members include men and women, those who shoot casually and put emphasis on the social side of the club and those who are fiercely competitive nationally.

For information regarding these OTHER THREE CLUBS, using the North Arm Target Sports Complex, please refer to their web pages. 

The Sunshine Coast Sporting Shooters Association of Australia who have a 25 – 100 metre range which is open to SSAA members and the public. The Sunshine Coast SSAA is open most Sunday and Wednesday mornings.

North Arm Shotgun Association of Queensland Inc.

North Arm Pistol Club also operate from the Davison Range Target Sports Complex on Wednesdays and Sundays.