North Arm Rifle Club

Club Competition – 18/7/20 400 yards


Another beautiful winter’s day on the Coast, just right for shooting. The wind did its usual thing at North Arm, beautiful and calm coming mainly from the right and at other times, flicking down the range into your face and then turning slightly and coming in from the left.

We had 25 shooters for 400 yards club competition, which is a great roll up. We started the day with 6 targets in the air, but issues with the targets saw us have to shoot on 3 targets for the afternoon. This made it a bit of a long afternoon, finishing with long shadows on the mound, it’s amazing how we get used to finishing early, with the electronics.

Redemption for Colin Cole this week, with a double possible to take out Div 1 (TRA), though both Scott Robson and Des Voght had 50’s in the first round, they were unable to finish off the day with doubles, Scott had a nice 54.5 in the second round to beat Des who shot a 53.6.

Only 1 competitor in Div 2 (TRB) this week, with David Richardson scoring a 98.6 for the day.

Div 3 (F Std) had 10 competitors this week, Tim Pilcher came to the top with a 123.8, which is amazing seeing he was quite unwell earlier in the week. Must be all that fresh air and gun powder. 🙂 Second place went to Joshua Woitavitz who shot a very quick second range so he could go to work, but a great result with a 64.1. Peter Birch was third with a 120.4. New member Scott Mayall, had the best second round of any of the Div 3 shooters with a 65.4.

Div 4 (FO) was hotly contested with 3 of the 4 competitors starting with a possible. Dennis McNamara came out winner for the day with the only double possible in Div 4, a nice 126.7 for the day, after not being on the range for almost 3 months. Dave Boreham was second with a 124.13 for the day.

Div 5 (FTR) once again saw Sarah Cooper take out the day with a 120.7, those new hand loads are working nicely for her. Greg Hansen was second with 116.4 and Mark Cooper came in 3rd with a 113.4.

Full Results

NameStage 1 (10 shots)Stage 2(11 shots)AggregatePlacing
Division 1(TRA)    
Colin Cole50.555.5105.101
Scott Robson50.454.5104.92
Des Voght50.553.6103.113
Michelle Fletcher48.354.1102.4 
Karen Cole48.253.3101.5 
Division 2 (TRB)    
David Richardson46.252.498.61
Division 3 (FStd)    
Tim Pilcher59.464.4123.81
Joshua Woitavitz57.664.1121.72
Peter Birch59.261.2120.43
Scott Mayall54.165.4119.5 
Grant Larsen55.462.4117.8 
Rupert Hall53.061.3114.3 
Bob Bull53.260.0113.2 
Corrie Hoosen55.557.2112.7 
Jennifer Hall57.055.1112.1 
Frank Lewins53.155.2108.3 
Division 4 (FO)    
Dennis McNamara60.366.4126.71
Dave Boreham60.764.6124.132
Andrew Burns60.462.4122.83
Peter Coats53.060.1113.1 
Division 5 (FTR)    
Sarah Cooper57.363.4120.71
Greg Hansen56.360.1116.42
Mark Cooper51.062.4113.43
Carol Richardson54.258.1112.3 
Fred Blok51.359.2110.5