North Arm Rifle Club

Club Competition – 20/11/21 300M

20/11/21 300m

Well today was the last of the club competitions for the year. Scores will now be calculated to allow for the club champions to be announced at the Yearly Presentation on 4 December at the range.

Today saw North Arm be a little more reserved in wind, but she still made it tricky with the wind from the left, with quick changes in direction, same strength and then dropping down the poles, to then attempt to come in from the right.

Some mastered it in the first stage with Dave B with a 60.7 in FO and Des V a 60.4 in FStd, though neither were able to convert this to a double for the day. Both dropped a shot in the second stage.

Div 4 (FO) Dave B shot a 60.7 and a 65.06 to finish on 125.13 just infront of Denis McN with 122.12 and Peter C with a 121.11 for the day.

Div 2 (Fstd) was taken out by Des V with 125.12 (60.4 and 65.8) with Corrie H on the catch up game, having dropped 2 points in the first stage for a 58.5 and finishing with a 64.6 for a 122.11 for second place, and Peter B in 3rd with 120.10.

The hotly contested Div 5 (FTR) had 12 shooters today. It was nice to see Ian S start well with a 58.4 a clear leader in stage 1, next closest was Brian L on 55.3. Ian held the lead in the second round with a 62.5, though Rob G tried hard socring a 65.5 in the second stage, his 53.3 didn’t help him, though he ended up in 2nd place on a countback from Brian L who shot a 63.5 the second stage. Mark C also shot well in the second stage with a 62.2.

Target Rifle only had 3 competitors over the two grades, with David R shooting a 47.3 and 52.2 (99.5) for the dreaded 99 for the day, and Dave H finishing on the same score with a 99.5, which left Michelle in top place with a 47.4 and 53.4 for a 100.8 for the day.

Next week we have practice at 600 yards with .22 shoot in the morning (club members only). The .22 shoot starts at 9.30am. On 4 December is our Xmas Shoot and Yearly Presentations, starting at 10:00am. Please RSVP to either Michelle or Grant for numbers for the BBQ.

Full Results

NameStage 1 (10 shots)Stage 2(11 shots)AggregatePlacing
Division 1(TRA)    
Michelle F47.00453.004100.0081
David H46.00253.00399.0052
Division 2 (TRBC)    
David R47.00352.00299.0051
Division 3 (FStd)    
Des V60.00465.008125.0121
Corrie H58.00565.008122.0112
Peter B58.00562.005120.0103
Frank L55.00363.006118.009 
Grant L53.00260.001113.004 
Ross S50.00150.001100.002 
Division 4 (FO)    
Dave B60.00765.006125.0131
Denis McN58.00864.004122.0122
Peter C57.00464.007121.0113
Division 5 (FTR)    
Ian S58.00462.005120.0091
Rob G53.00365.005118..0082
Brian L55.00363.005118.0083
Mark C54.00162.002116.003 
Carol R52.00361.003113.006 
Sarah C54.00159.003113.004 
Gerard H53.00359.001110.004 
Glenn L53.00156.0109.001 
Keven N54.00254.002108.004 
Fred B49.056.001105.001 
Mike H385086 
Ash P364884 
Gerard H32.00031.00063.000