North Arm Rifle Club

Club Competition - 500 yds - 20 May 2023

Full Results

What a beatiful autumn day, with perfect shooting conditions, so rare at North Arm. 

We had 31 shooters for the afternoon competition, with 1 shooter practicing. Lots of members where out in the new club shirt, which I must say looks great. 

Conditions were perfect, resulting in lots of perfect scores today, with 5 double possibles and another 9 single possibles for the afternoon. The wind was gentle coming in from the left and hanging down the poles at times. Every now and then there was a bit of a pick up, but in general it was a shooting gallery (by North Arm standards anyway). 

Top score for the day went to Oliver G with a 105.17 in SH and Peter C in FO with a 126.16. Rob G kept up his form from the NQ Kings with a double double possible, that is 126.12 in FTR and a 105.13 in SH. Watch out Bundaberg next weekend. 🙂

Div 6 (SH)

Top score for SH was Oliver G with a 105.17, with Rob G on 105.13 and third place going to Michael B scoring a 104.9 with a 55.6 in the second stage for his 4th club competition shoot. Well done Michael. The other highlight for SH was young Robbie A who hasn’t shot for about 12 months and possible for his second stage scoring a 55.09, giving him a 103.10 for the day and beating his dad who could only manage a 102.8. 

Div 3 (FStd)

Div 3 (FStd) had 5 shooters for the afternoon, with Corrie H starting off strong with a 60.7 well and truly out classing the other shooters in the first range. He also finished strong with a 66.02 giving him a double for the day and a “Rooster”. Second place went to Frank L who shot a nice 63.5 in the second stage, to finish on 121.7 and Bob B in third with a 120.9.  

Div 4 (FO)

Div 4 (FO) had 5 shooters today, with Peter C starting strong with a 60.08, just beating Andrew B who started with a 60.4. Peter held it together and finished strong with a 66.08, for a double of 126.16 and a “Rooster”.  Dave B picked up his game in the second stage, finishing strong with a 66.06, after starting with a 58.05 finishing in second place and Andrew B ended up in third place with a 124.10. 

Div 5 (FTR)

Div 5 (FTR) had 8 shooters for the afternoon, Rob G continued his form from last weekend, with a 60.06 in the first stage and finishing with a 66.06 for a double of 126.12 and a “Rooster”. Greg H started well with a 60.05 in the first stage but was unable to hold off Glenn L who finished strong with a 66.05 to take second place with a 125. and Greg in third place with a 124.10. Sarah C had to contend with a malfunction with her ammo (hmmmm that reloader should double check some things), to finish in 4th place with a 122.10. 

Div 1 / 2 (TR)

We had 5 TR shooters this week, Michelle F started with a possible with a 50.05 and finished with a 54.4 a total of 104.09, finishing in top spot, with Gary M in second place with a 100.10 just in front of Dave H who finished with a 100.07. Shane J continues to have one good stage and one not so good, starting with a 44.01 and finishing strong with a 53.03 in the second stage. 

Full Results

NameStage 1 (10 shots)Stage 2 (11 shots)Total Position
Div 1 (TRA)    
Michelle F50.0554.04104.091
Gary M48.0552.05100.102
Dave H47.0553.02100.073
David R48.0550.0398.084
Div 2 (TRBC)    
Shane J44.0153.0397.041
Div 3 (FStd)    
Corrie H60.0766.06126.131
Frank L58.0263.05121.072
Bob B56.0564.04120.093
Grant L57.0159.03116.044
Harold A52.0257.01109.035
Div 4 (FO)    
Peter C60.0866.08126.161
Dave B58.0566.06124.112
Jim D57.0364.05121.085
Div 5 (FTR)    
Rob G60.0666.06126.121
Greg H60.0564.05124.103
Sarah C59.0663.04122.104
Carol R55.0560.01115.065
Mark C53.0261.01114.037
Div 6 (S/H)    
Oliver G50.0855.09105.171
Rob G50.0655.07105.132
Michael B49.0355.06104.093
Robert A48.0155.09103.104
Mark R50.0153.06103.075
Boris A50.0352.05102.086
Flora Y46.0350.0196.047