North Arm Rifle Club

Club Competition - 300m 22 April 2023

Full Results

Shooting commenced on a sombre note, with a last shot fired for Peter Birch, in front of his family and 29 Club members.

The morning started with a working bee in the clubhouse and some testing of the 700 yards targets. 

A final shot was sent down range, for Peter B in front of his family and club members attending todays shoot. Corrie H fired the last shot  through Peter’s FStd rifle with a minutes silence to follow. 

With 29 shooters for the afternoon, we used all seven electronic targets to make sure we finished at a reasonable time. Three shooters just missed the double possible today in the tricky conditions, we had a bit of everything, a shower to start with, wind mainly from the left turning to down the range at times, and then a couple of gusts that came through at 300m, but never showed up down range. Don’t I love shooting at North Arm. 

Div 4 (FO)

Top score for FO for the day went to Denis M in Div 4 (FO) with a 125.10 after starting with a 60.6, he just missed a double with a 65.04 in the second stage finishing on 125.10. Mick F lost a shot both ranges to finish in second with a 124.09 and third went to Peter C who started well with a 60.06 and finished on 123.13. Jim C shot a nice 60.7 to lead the start, but got caught up in some tricky conditions in the second stage. 

Div 3(FStd)

Div 3 (FStd) had 4 shooters for the afternoon, with Corrie H starting off well with a 59.7, which lead the field. Though he struggled in the choppy conditions in the second stage with a 61.1, so finished just in front of Des V with a 119.5 and Frank L on 117.5. 

Div 5 (FTR)

Div 5 (FTR) had 7 shooters for the afternoon, there were some great scores in the first round with competition tight, Glenn L on 59.05, Greg H and Sarah C on 58.05, and Rob G on 58.04.   As the second stage was shot, those that shot early got caught in some terrible conditions, with no-one scoring above 60.  The later shooters scored some better conditions, and their results showed with Rob G finishing with a 63.04 and Mark C with a 63.05. The dark horse for the day was Carol R, who shot consistently with a 57.04 in the first stage and a 61.06 in the second to finish second for the day, Rob G first on 121.8 and Mark C in third with 118.8.  

Div 6 (SH)

Div 6 (SH) had 8 shooters today, this division was hotly contested, today, with Oliver G starting with the only possible of 50.06 but narrowly missing a double finishing with 54.05 for a 104.11 for the day, to take out first. Mark R was miffed to shoot a 49.06 in the first round but scored a possible in the second with a 55.04, which put a smile on his face,  just missing out on first with a 104.10. Third place went to Rob G with a 101.12 for the day.  

Div 1 (TR)

We had 4 TR shooters this week, Gary M shot consistently to take out first place with a 100.8, Michelle F second on 100.6 and Dave H in third place with 97.06.

Shane once again was competing against himself in Div 2. 

David R is off shooting .303 shoot at Wondai, looks like he was successful from the FB post, he has a trophy in his hands. Check out Wondai’s FB page for more details. 

Full Results

NameStage 1 (10 shots)Stage 2 (11 shots)Total Position
Div 1 (TRA)    
Gary M48.0452.04100.081
Michelle F49.0351.03100.062
Dave H46.0351.0397.063
Div 2 (TRBC)    
Shane J44.0047.0291.022
Div 3 (FStd)    
Corrie H59.0761.01120.081
Des V56.0463.01119.052
Frank L55.0362.02117.053
Grant L57.0359.02116.054
Div 4 (FO)    
Denis M60.0665.04125.101
Mick F59.0565.04124.092
Peter C60.0663.07123.133
Dave B58.0264.07122.094
Andrew B58.0161.04119.055
Jim C60.0758.03118.106
Michael R56.0261.02117.047
Div 5 (FTR)    
Rob G58.0463.04121.081
Carol R57.0461.06118.102
Mark C55.0363.05118.083
Greg H58.0559.04117.094
Sarah C58.0559.03117.085
Glenn L59.0558.02117.076
Gerard H50.0056.02106.027
Div 6 (S/H)    
Oliver G50.0654.05104.111
Marck R49.0655.04104.102
Rob G48.0553.07101.123
Boris A45.0254.0699.084
Ross S47.0352.0499.075
Narelle J45.0153.0398.046
Michael B42.0151.0193.027
Jason S38.0142.0080.018