North Arm Rifle Club

Club Competition – 27/3/21 600 yards

The day started off with a members only shoot on the 25 metre range with .22’s. There 11 shooters in the morning, for what looks like a hotly contested competition.

Results: Rob G 243.9, Corrie H 242.8, equal 3rd, Frank L and Peter W on 240.6. Mitch 236.7, Scott 236.6, Marek 234.6, Dave B, 223.2, and Glenn 193.2.

It was warm again and from the scores it appears there was some good patches and some not so good patches.

With some different players moving into FStd, some extra competition has been added to the group. It was nice to see Tim P on the range again after his stay in hospital and scoring a great result of 120.7 for the day. Des shot a great 66.9 in the second stage, but it wasn’t good enough to beat Corrie who finished with a 123.10 for the day.

Dave B kept up the good form with a 66.6 in the second stage to take out FO by 3 points over Peter C on 120.6.

Brian L shot a great second round of 66.5 to take out FTR well in front with a 122.6 from Rob G on 115.6.

We’ve had a couple of TR shooters change to F Class so numbers were down a bit. Colin took out Div 1 but he was unable to hit a possible for the day, dropping 1 point each range for a 103.10. David R is slowly mastering his new rifle with a nice 98.6 for Div 2.

Full Results

NameStage 1 (10 shots)Stage 2(11 shots)AggregatePlacing
Division 1(TRA)    
Colin C49.00454.006103.0101
Karen C47.00351.00398.0062
Gary McB47.00347.00194.0043
Division 2 (TRB)    
David R45.00153.00598.0061
Division 3 (FStd)    
Corrie H59.00164.009123.0101
Des V56.00366.009120.0122
Tim P58.00262.002120.0073
Scott R55.00164.007119.008 
Peter B57.00260.003117.005 
Frank L51.00162.003113.004 
Jim C54.00557.001111.006 
Bob B53.00257.001110.003 
Grant L50.00358.001108.004 
Kevin S48.052.0100.0 
Division 4 (FO)    
Dave B57.00266.006123.0081
Peter C58.00462.002120.0062
Denis McN60.00260.004120.0063
Patrick O54.00458.001112.005 
Ayden B50.00148.098.001 
Division 5 (FTR)    
Brian L56.00166.005122.0061
Rob G57.00458.002115.0062
Ian S49.0060.001109.0013
Fred B50.00255.002105.004 
Carol R45.00148.093.001 
Glen L38.045.00183.001 
Jenni H57.00364.005121.008