North Arm Rifle Club

Club Competition - 300m and CATS - 10/9/22

Full Results

Great day for shooting, we had 11 participants for CATS in the morning and 22 competition shooters in the afternoon at 300m

The Morning (CATS and Load Development)

We had 11 particpants for the Come and Try this month, with a number of them family. All particpants shoot both a FClass rifle and a Target Rifle on the morning. It was busy, with an extra FClass rifle set up to help get everyone through. We had some great results with Des’s FClass rifle. Thanks to all the club members that helped with the morning, it was a great team effort. 

Interested in trying shooting, contact our CATS coordinator, Des and come and have a go. 

Afternoon competition

As usual North Arm range was very deceptive, with the flags almost down the poles at times, and shots not turning up where you think they should be. The wind was coming from behind down the range and flicking both left and right. 

We had 22 competitors for the afternoon, club competition, and a few that shot, but didn’t count their scores. 

We had two shooters on only 1 point down for the aftenoon, Rob G in Sporter / Hunter with a 104.9 and Peter C in FO with a 124.13.

FO Results (Div 4)

Pete C shot a 66.7, in the second stage, one of only two possibles for the afternoon,  to take out FO for the afternoon with a 124.13, Denis was second with a 123.7 for the afternoon. 

TR Results (Div 1 and 2)

We had two shooters in both Div 1 and Div 2 this week. Michelle F won Div 1 with a 98.9 with David R, testing out his new jacket, finshing on 97.4 for second place.

Shane J struggled in the first round with a 41.0, but came back strong in the second stage with a 53.4 to take out Div 2 with a 94.4 from Tracey with a 92.1.

FStd results (Div 3)

The other pobbile of the afternoon was shot by Corrie H with a 66.    8, though his first stage of 54.03 meant that he could only take out second for the afternoon, with Des V shooting a 59.4 and a 64.5 for a total of 123.9. Third place for the afternoon was Frank on 117.5.                         

FTR results (Div 5)

We had 7 shooters for FTR for the afternoon, Greg H was back from his holiday and shot well with a 58.6 and 65.7 to top score with a 123.13. Mark C had a great first shoot with a 58.6 and finished on 118.7 to take out second place. Carol R didn’t have her lucky charm in tow this week, but still shot well finishing with a 117.7 for third place. 

Sporter / Hunter (Div 6)

Back to the shorter ranges, and we saw a number of our Sporter / Hunter competitors return to shooting. We had 5 shooters for the competition, with Rob G in training for Canberra taking out the afternoon with a 104.9. Snow P and Ash P both shot well after not being around for awhile, both finishing on 102.  Snow shoot a 54.7 in the second stage just pipping Ash, Snow finished iwth 102.11 and Ash 102.3.  

Full Results

PositionNameStage 1
 (10 Shots)
Stage 2
 (11 shots)
Div 1 (TRA)
1Michelle F48.00550.00498.009
2David R45.00252.00297.004
Div 2 (TRBC)    
1Shane J41.00053.00494.004
2Tracey M46.00046.00192.001
Div 3 (FStd)    
1Des V59.00464.005123.009
2Corrie H54.00366.008120.011
3Frank L57.00460.001117.005
Div 4 (FO)    
1Peter C58.00666.007124.130
2Denis McN59.00364.004123.007
3Mike R53.00162.004115.005
Div 5 (FTR)    
1Greg H58.00665.007123.013
2Mark C58.00660.001118.007
3Carol R55.00362.004117.007
4Rob G51.00257.004108.006
5Fred B50.00157.001107.002
6Glenn L53.00252.001105.003
7Gerard H45.00049.00094.000
Div 6 (S/H)    
1Rob G49.00355.006104.009
2Snow P48.00454.007102.011
3Ash P48.00154.002102.003
4Ross S48.00353.004101.007