North Arm Rifle Club

Club Competition - 400 yards
18 Feb 2023

Full Results

Today was hot, humid and the wind was fickle, not a single possible to be seen.

It was a hot and humid day, with the wind being extremely fickle for the afternoon . We had 26 shooters for the afternoon, and not a possible to be seen.

Div 4 (FO)

After starting on equal scores in the first round with 59.5, it all came down to the second stage to find a winner of Div 4 (FO). Andre B finished on a 63.5 to be pipped by Dave B with a 64.4, giving Dave the win for today with a 123.9 and Andrew 122.10. Third place went to Mick F on 121.9.

Div 3 (FStd)

Div 3 (FStd) saw Corrie starting the afternoon with a 59.4, 2 points in front of Des who started with a 57.3. Conditions got the better of Corrie who finished with a 60.2, which gave Des an opening to take out the afternoon, but he just missed, finishing with a 119.4 and Corrie with a 119.6, to take out the FStd for the afternoon. 

Div 5 (FTR)

Div 5 (FTR) had 6 shooters for the afternoon, Rob G dominated for the afternoon, starting with a 58.1 and finishing with a 63.6 to take out the afternoon with 121.7, with 2nd place going to Greg H with a 112.3 and third place to Gerard 111.3. 

Div 6 (SH)

Div 6 (SH) had 6 shooters for the afternoon, with Oliver G shooting for the first time this year, and taking out the afternoon with an impressive 102.8, from Ross S with a 99.4 and Rob G on 98.4.

Div 1 (TR)

Three (3) shooters shot in TR for the afternoon, and it was tight, with all three finishing on 99, with Dave H finishing on 99.8, Gary M on 99.6 counting out Dave R with 99.6.

Full Results

NameStage 1 (10 shots)Stage 2 (11 shots)Total Position
Div 1 (TRA)    
Dave H47.0352.0599.081
Gary M45.0354.0399.062
David R46.0053.0699.063
Div 2 (TRBC)    
Div 3 (FStd)    
Corrie H59.0460.02119.061
Des V57.0362.01119.042
Bob B53.0161.03114.043
Frank L57.0356.01113.044
Grant L53.0060.03113.035
Div 4 (FO)    
Dave B59.0564.04123.091
Andrew B59.0563.05122.102
Mick F57.0464.05121.093
Jim D56.0165.05121.064
Peter C57.0462.03119.075
Denis M59.0359.03118.066
Jim C51.0457.00108.047
Div 5 (FTR)    
Rob G58.0163.06121.071
Greg H56.0156.02112.032
Gerard H52.0159.02111.033
Carol R52.0057.02109.024
Glenn L53.0153.01106.025
Mike H47.0054.02101.026
Div 6 (S/H)    
Oliver G48.0554.03102.081
Ross S47.0252.0299.042
Rob G48.0350.0198.043
Mark R48.0448.0296.065
Narelle J45.0249.0294.046