North Arm Rifle Club

club competition - 400 yards - 16/7/22

Full Results

A busy day with 27 competition shooters for the afternoon.


What a beautiful winter’s day

While one of our club members is freezing in South Australia at the SA Queens, wishing he was at home, the rest of us are taking in the sunshine and the great conditions at North Arm. 


There was only two single possibles today, both in FO, a nice 60.7 was shot by Peter C and Denis showed us that his break hasn’t effected his shooting, scoring a 60.5. 

So it was all down to stage 2 to see who took out the day for FO. Peter shot 64.5  with Denis only shooting a 62.3. Peter’s 124.12 was top score for the range for the day. 

Division 3 (FStd)

Scott M returned to shooting today, after almost 12 months away from shooting. He also proved that a break is sometimes a good thing, with a nice 59.7 the first stage and 64.3 the second stage to score 123.10, just beating Corrie H who shot 123.5 for the day.

Division 1 and 2 (TR)

 We had 4 TRA shooters and 1 TRBC shooter today. Scott R took the lead with a 49.4 to start which gave him a nice 1 point lead over Michelle F. The second stage saw both Scott and Michelle socring 54, with Michelle 54.8, which wasn’t good enough to beat Scott. He finished with 103.8 and Michelle on 102.10.

Division 5  (FTR)

We had 11 shooters today in FTR, which is our strongest discipline in the club. Today saw Mark C finally beat “Princess” and Rob G with a nice 119.7. Rob G and Greg H both scored 118.9, with Rob taking out second as he finished on 61.4 from Greg’s 59.3.  

Division 6 (Sporter/Hunter)

We had 6 shooters today with one new shooter joining the club and shooting today. Rhys found the going a bit tough first up with a 43, but pulled it together a bit better in the second stage with a 47.2. Narelle shot well today with a nice 48.3 the first stage and 49.4 the second to take out third place with a 97.7. Ross was second on 98.5 and James L took out first with a 99.3.

Next week is 500 yards practice with 500 competition on 30 July. 

Full Results

PositionNameStage 1
 (10 Shots)
Stage 2
 (11 shots)
Div 1 (TRA)    
1Scott R49.00454.004103.008
2Michelle F48.00254.008102.010
3Gary McB46.00252.00298.004
4David R46.00350.00396.006
Div 2 (TRBC)    
1Shane J44.00249.00193.003
Div 3 (FStd)    
1Scott M59.00764.003123.010
2Corrie H58.00165.004123.005
3Frank L55.00252.001107.003
Div 4 (FO)    
1Peter C60.00764.005124.012
2Denis McN60.00562.003122.008
3Andrew B59.00559.000118.005
Div 5 (FTR)    
1Mark C56.00463.003119.007
2Rob G57.00561.004118.009
3Greg H59.00659.003118.009
4Sarah C56.00162.003118.004
5Carol R57.00359.003116.006
6Glenn L51.00062.003113.003
7Dave H54.00258.001112.003
8Jim D54.00258.001112.003
9Gerard H50.00055.001105.001
10Fred B53.00149.000102.001
11Kevin S45.00052.00197.001
Div 6 (S/H)    
1James L48.00151.00299.003
2Ross S48.00350.00298.005
3Narelle J48.00349.00497.007
4Rhys C43.00047.00290.002
5Mark R46.00240.00186.003