North Arm Rifle Club

Club Competition - 500 yards - 8/10/22

Full Results

The day started with a few light showers and shooters manoeuvring around the Road Cyclist race being held around North Arm and Yandina.

The Afternoon

As one shooter stated “More than one cycle test was had today by all the participants”. North Arm and Yandina area was host to the NX Sports Road Race, with about 100 riders competing in the road race both Men and Women.

Everyone arrived safely, with little delay. We commenced shooting on time at 12.30pm with 24 shooters taking part in the competition for the afternoon.

Conditions were tricky today, with conditions travelling from left to right and then dropping and making a small effort to come from the right. 

Rob G once again shot both FTR and Sporter / Hunter as he prepares himself for the Precision Service Rifle Competition in Canberra, his result in SH was the only double possible on the range for the day with 105.14. Scott R shot a great 55.7 in the second stage, using all the same batch of ammo helped. 🙂 Corrie H in FStd also recovered well after an unusual first stage shocker and finished with a 66.7. 

FO Results (Div 4)

We had 6 competitors in FO with top score by Dave B with a 124.6 for the afternoon, with Denis M one point behind and Andrew B a further one point behind Denis. Michael R shot a PB at his second competition shoot for the club, with an impressive 63.4 in the second stage. 

TR Results (Div 1 and 2)

We had seven (7) shooters in both Div 1 and Div 2 this week. TRA saw Dave H top score today, with 102.7, Michelle F in second place with 101.5 and Scott R finishing with a 55.7 and a total of 99.10.

Div 2 saw only Shane J compete today, with a nice 49.04 in the second stage, he is still learning to master the wind at North Arm. 

FStd results (Div 3)

FStd had three (3) competitors this week. Corrie H had a great finish in the second stage with a 66.7 which gave him a 121.7 for the day, Grant L scored a 115.3 for second place. 

FTR results (Div 5)

FTR continues to be the favourite discipline at the club with 9 shooters competing this afternoon. Top score went to Rob G with a 120.07 from Jim D, who appears to have mastered FTR a change from usual FO, he finished with 116.3. Glenn L had a great second stage with a 63.3 which placed him third with a total of 115.4.  

Sporter / Hunter (Div 6)

Rob G was the only shooter in this discipline today and not only top the discipline, but also topped the afternoon overall. 

Full Results

PositionNameStage 1
 (10 Shots)
Stage 2
 (11 shots)
Div 1 (TRA)
1David H49.00353.004102.007
2Michelle F49.00352.002101.005
3Scott R44.00355.00799.010
4Gary M48.00751.00299.009
5David R46.00352.00498.007
Div 2 (TRBC)   
1Shane J46.00049.00495.004
Div 3 (FStd)    
1Corrie H55.00066.007121.007
2Grant L54.00261.001115.003
3Frank L53.00256.002109.004
Div 4 (FO)    
1Dave B59.00265.004124.006
2Denis McN59.00264.004123.006
3Andrew B59.00363.004122.007
4Peter C56.00465.006121.010
5Oliver G55.00462.002117.006
6Michael R53.00263.004116.006
Div 5 (FTR)   
1Rob G57.00463.003120.007
2Jim D55.00161.002116.003
3Glenn L52.00163.003115.004
4Mark C53.00161.004114.005
5Sarah C52.00162.003114.004
6Carol R56.00156.002112.003
7Kevin S52.00256.001108.003
8Fred B50.00256.000106.002
9Gerard H43.00053.00196.001
Div 6 (S/H)   
1Rob G50.00755.007105.014