North Arm Rifle Club

Club Competition – 6/2/21 300m

Club Competition – 6/2/21 300m

It was a hot and steamy day at the range for the first qualifying competition for the Club Championship. We had a great turn out with 28 shooters for the afternoon. Conditions appeared to be quiet with the wind coming from the right, but as per usual, nothing is as it appears at North Arm.

The first stage saw everyone struggle with the conditions, as it crossed over zero a number of times, and mirage, not showing it’s try self. The best of the TR shooters was 2 points down, with a number of F Class shooters 3 points down.

In the second stage there was only one possible on the range, and this was from Colin C with a 55.8 to take out Div 1 (TRA) for the afternoon, with a total score of 103.13. The rest of the TR shooters struggled to even hit the ton.

Div 2 (TRB) saw a close match between David R and Shane J, with David 1 point in front after the first stage. Shane shot well in the second stage with a 50.3 over David’s 49.3 to take out the day by 1 V Bull over David, with a score of 95.4.

Div 3 (FStd) had 7 shooters for the afternoon, Des V lead the after the first stage with a 57.5, and kept the pressure on in the second stage with a 65.5, which took out the day by 3 points. Tim P shot well in the second stage with a 64.4 with third place taken out by Grant L on count back from Peter B.

Dave B continued his form of late last year with a 122.7 after starting with a 57.5 taking out Div 4 (FO). Peter C took out second place with 121.9 with Denis Mc in third place.

FTR looks like it is going to be competitive this year with some close scores at the end of the day. Brian L had a good lead after the first range with a 57.3 over Rob G on 56.0, but Rob pulled it together on the second stage with a 64.6 taking out the afternoon with a 120.6 with Brian in second place on 118.6 and Ian S in third place on 118.3.

Full Results

NameStage 1 (10 shots)Stage 2(11 shots)AggregatePlacing
Division 1(TRA)    
Colin C48.00555.008113.0131
Michelle F47.00452.00599.0092
Karen C47.00252.00299.0043
Scott R44.00250.00194.003 
Division 2 (TRB)    
Shane J45.00150.00395.0041
David R46.049.00395.0032
Tracey T35.00136.0071.0013
Division 3 (FStd)    
Des V57.00565.003122.0081
Tim P55.00164.004119.0052
Grant L54.00164.004118.0053
Peter B54.00264.003118.005 
Frank L53.00263.003116.005 
Jim C51.0061.001112.001 
Division 4 (FO)    
Dave B57.00565.002122.0071
Peter C57.00464.005121.0092
Denis McN55.00264.005119.0073
Andrew B55.00363.004118.007 
Patrick O’B48.0058.003106.003 
Aden B47.0050.00297.002 
Division 5 (FTR)    
Rob G56.0064.006120.0061
Brian L57.00361.003118.0062
Ian S55.0063.003118.0033
Sarah C51.00163.003117.004 
Mark C54.00258.001112.003 
Carol R53.00157.001110.002 
Fred B47.00259.002106.004