North Arm Rifle Club

Club Competition - 400 yds - 6 May 2023

Full Results

North Arm showed its true colours this afternoon, with quick wind changes across zero.

The morning started with a come and try which saw 9 participants. Des was supported by a number of club members, which helped get all the shooters through in a timely manner. They had a great day enjoying having a shot at both the TR rifle and a F Class rifle.

We had 28 shooters for the afternoon, with 1 shooter practicing and another one finding that a checklist for all equipment packed, might be a good idea to develop. 😉

There was a number of single possibles for the afternoon. Conditions early up were not friendly, though a number of shooters welcomed the challenge with Rob G gaining a 60.8 in FTR and then shot a 50.3 in SH. Oliver G also scored a 50.5 in SH and narrowly missed a double possible scoring a 55.4 in the second stage to narrowly beat Rob who finished with a 55.4 as well. 

Div 6 (SH)

Top score for SH was Oliver G with a 104.9, with Rob G on 104.7 and third place going to Boris A.

Div 3 (FStd)

Div 3 (FStd) had 5 shooters for the afternoon, with Des V starting off well with a 59.5, which lead the field. He narrowly missed a possible in the second stage with a 65.02, finishing with 123.7, securing first place. Corrie H finished with a 119.3 for second place and Grant L in third place. 

Div 5 (FTR)

Div 5 (FTR) had 6 shooters for the afternoon, there was only one possible in the first round a 60.8, shot by Rob G, the only possible for the afternoon in FTR. Rob shot a 62.6 in the second stage to take out the afternoon, with Sarah C taking out second place with a 119.7, having shot a 64.4 in the second stage, and once again narrowly beating Mark C who finished with a 118.4. 

Div 4 (FO)

Div 4 (FO) had 6 shooters today, with Jim D top scoring in the first stage with a 59.1, one point in front of Dave B and Mick F who both started with 58.5. The second stage saw two possibles one from Dave B and the other from Andrew B, a 66.4 and 66.6 respectively. This gave Dave B the win for the day with a 124.9, Andrew B second place with a 121.9, counting out Mike F who also finished on 121.9 

Div 1 / 2 (TR)

We had 5 TR shooters this week, with all the shooters struggling in the changing conditions.  No-one had a great start with Gary M having the best score with a 47.4. The second stage saw some better scores, with Shane J (Div 2) top scoring with a 53.3, even after having the scorer telling him he had finished, not realising that he was shooting his second stage. In good smallbore fashion, Shane organised himself, reset his position and fired his last shot, scoring a Super V. Michelle F top scored in Div 1 with a 97.6 with Dave H in second place 96.7 and Gary in third place. Shane top scored for all the TR shooters with a 98.4.



Full Results

NameStage 1 (10 shots)Stage 2 (11 shots)Total Position
Div 1 (TRA)    
Michelle F45.0152.0597.061
Dave H46.0450.0396.072
Gary M47.0344.0191.043
David R45.0246.0091.024
Div 2 (TRBC)    
Shane J45.0153.0398.041
Div 3 (FStd)    
Des V59.0565.02124.071
Corrie H56.0263.01119.032
Grant L51.0260.01111.033
Frank L52.0159.02111.034
Harold A52.0455.02107.065
Div 4 (FO)    
Dave B58.0566.04124.091
Andrew B55.0366.06121.092
Mike F58.0563.04121.093
Peter C55.0165.07120.084
Jim D59.0161.05120.065
Denis M55.0163.05118.066
Div 5 (FTR)    
Rob G60.0862.06122.141
Sarah C55.0364.04119.072
Mark C57.0461.00118.043
Greg H55.0260.04115.064
Carol R58.0456.01114.055
Gerard H50.0256.04106.066
Div 6 (S/H)    
Oliver G50.0554.04104.091
Rob G50.0354.04104.072
Boris A45.0250.0295.043
Michael B43.0246.0289.044