North Arm Rifle Club

Club competition - 4 June 22 - 600 yards

Full Results

Sunshine, gentle breezes and great company, just what an afternoon of shooting is all about.

We finally had a lovely fine afternnoon and we even saw some faces that we hadn’t seen in a while. Welcome back Denis. We had 28 shooters for the afternoon. 

Even though the afternoon was sunny and fine, North Arm showed us it’s fickle wind again, with conditions in the first stage, swapping from left to right, quite quickly. The wind was coming from behind, and it seems many shooters had elevation problems as well as trouble keeping up with the changes.


We saw only one possible the first range, and that came from Denis M in FO, with a 60.0. It appears the break from shooting hasn’t done him any harm. Denis went on to shoot a possible in the second stage 66.3, which took out Div 4(FO) for the afternoon, with the only double possible for the day. Dave B was second with a 123.8 and Peter C on 120.9 to round out the FO competitors. 

Target Rifle

Div 1(TRA) was a tight competition, with all of the shooters struggling with wind and elevation in the first round, top score was shared between Gary M and Scott R with a 46.2. With conditions settling further in the second stage, everyone shot much better, with Michelle F shooting a 54.7 and Scott and Gary both with a 53.5. Michelle took out the afternoon with a 99.8 narrowly defeating Scott and Gary each on 99.7.

Div 2 (TRBC) had two competitors for the afternoon, with Shane J shooting a 52.2 in the second stage to take out the day with a 94.4 from Tracey.


We had 5 shooters in FStd, for the afternoon. Top score on the first round was Corrie H with a 57.4 from Des V on 56.5 and Frank L on 56.2. Des shot a great 65.6 the second stage to win the afternoon, with a 121.11, as Corrie could only manage a 63.4 (120.8) and Frank a 62.4 (118.6) for third place. 


We had 9 shooters for the afternoon in FTR, with mixed results from everyone. Rob G top scored on the first stage with a 56.5, way ahead of his nearst rival Sarah on 54.0. The second stage saw much better scores with Rob G 63.1, Gerard H and Sarah C shooting 61.2. Top place for the afternoon was Rob with a 119.6, Sarah C in second place with a 115.2 and Dave H in third with a 113.0.

Sporter / Hunter

We had 3 competitors for Sporter/Hunter with Rob G shooting a second time and top socring with a 49.4 just pipping Mark R with a 49.1. The second stage saw Ross S shoot a nice 53.4, but the afternoon went to Rob G finishing with 103.10 over Ross with 100.4. 

Full Results

PositionNameStage 1 (10 Shots)Stage 2 (11 shots)Total 
Div 1 (TRA)    
1Michelle F45.00154.00799.008
2Scott R 46.00253.00599.007
3Gary Mc46.00253.00599.007
4David R42.00348.00190.004
Div 2 (TRBC)    
1Shane J42.00252.00294.004
Div 3 (FStd)    
1Des V56.00565.006121.011
2Corrie H57.00463.004120.008
3Frank L56.00262.004118.006
4Peter B57.00458.002115.006
5Grant L51.00155.001106.002
Div 4 (FO)    
1Denis Mc60.00666.003126.009
2Dave B58.00365.005123.008
3Peter C57.00363.006120.009
Div 5 (FTR)    
1Rob G56.00563.001119.006
2Sarah C54.00061.002115.002
3Dave H53.00060.000113.000
4Gereard H49.00161.002110.003
5Mark C51.00256.003107.005
6Carol R46.00060.000106.000
7Glenn L50.00352.001102.004
8Fred B45.00053.00098.000
9Keith D41.00152.00193.002
Div 6 (S/H)    
1Rob G49.00454.006103.010
2Ross S47.00053.004100.004
3Mark R49.00150.00299.003