North Arm Rifle Club

Three Range day and 500 yards Club Competition – 6/3/2021

Three Range day and 500 yards Club Competition – 6/3/2021

North Arm held its first three (3) range day on Saturday. This was suggested by one of the members, to help our shooters that want to travel to Prize Meetings, get used to shooting 3 or 4 ranges a day. We shot 300m and 400 yards in the morning, had a lovely BBQ lunch and then Club Competition in the afternoon at double 500 yards.

There were 24 shooters in the morning and 31 shooters in the afternoon, so a great turnout for the day.

Conditions in the morning were mild, though shooting over the corn in the paddock in front at 300m was interesting for some, waiting for the top of the corn to disappear from your sights before taking a shot.

Some kept scores and some didn’t’ from the morning shoot, so no real results, just a great morning turn out. We stopped for lunch, and had a great BBQ with the meat supplied by the Richardson’s and David even cooked it for us. The heavens decided it was a good time to open up and we had a heavy shower of rain go over, whilst enjoying the lunch break. Once the skies had cleared, we made our way to 500 yards for the afternoon club competition.

You would have thought that after the shower of rain, that conditions would be perfect, well as you know North Arm is never predictable. Conditions were still tricky and only two shooters made a possible in the first round, Colin C (TR) and Dave B (FO). Mirage continued to be the key all afternoon.

Top string for the day has to go to Michelle F, finally getting her act together and shooting a 55.9 with a 9 centre finish, not sure where that came from, but I’ll take the glory while I can. 🙂

This gave Michelle top score for the day of 104.13 just beating Colin C on 104.8. Some great possibles shot in the last stage by Scott R, 55.5 and Karen C, 55.2, this gave Scott R third place in Div 1(TRA) with a 102.8.

Div 2 (TRBC) saw David R shoot a nice 101.4 for the day, with Tracey T in second place.

Des V has crossed over to F Std (Div 3) and appears to have it all worked out, taking out top score with a 121.9, from Corrie H with a 120.9 who just pipped Tim P on 120.5. Looks likes some great competition in this grade coming up.

Dave B was in the lead by 2 points coming into the second stage in Div 4 (FO) after shooting one of only two possibles on the range in the first stage, but was just beaten by Denis McN on the day, who finished with a 123.6, one point in front of Dave who finished on 122.6. Third place was taken out by Peter C on 118.3.

Looks like competition is hoting up in Div 5 (FTR), with only 3 points separating the top 6 shooters. Sarah C took honours this week with 117.3 over Rob G on 116.5 and Mark C on 116.4.

Full Results

NameStage 1 (10 shots)Stage 2(11 shots)AggregatePlacing
Division 1(TRA)    
Michelle F49.00455.009104.0131
Colin C50.00354.005104.0082
Scott R47.00355.005102.0083
Karen C47.00455.002102.006 
Gary McB48.00251.00399.005 
Division 2 (TRB)    
David R47.00154.003101.0041
Tracey T40.0047.00287.0022
Division 3 (FStd)    
Des V58.00563.004121.0091
Tim P58.00362.002120.0053
Bob B56.00360.002116.005 
Peter B59.00357.001116.004 
Jim C55.00160.001115.002 
Grant L52.00153.001105.002 
Frank L50.00262.000112.002 
Kevin S49.051.099.0 
Division 4 (FO)    
Denis McN58.00265.004123.0061
Dave B60.00362.003122.0062
Peter C56.00162.002118.0033
Andrew B54.00463.003117.007 
Patrick O51.00359.002110.005 
Glen L52.053.002105.002 
Division 5 (FTR)    
Rob G54.00262.003116.0052
Mark C56.00160.003116.0043
Ian S51.00164.005115.006 
Carol R55.00460.0115.004 
Fred B54.00153.000107.001 
Andrew P56.00358.002114.005