Results – 600 yards Competition 14/3/20

The weather once again played havoc with scores on Saturday. We had sunshine, with no wind, sunshine with wind changing from left to right, clouds and winds up to 8 mph down the range, then light showers of rain, to heavy rain, where the targets were indistinguishable. So this made life very interesting for the…

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March 15, 2020

Gatton / Glenore Grove Prize Meeting results 2020

We have 5 shooters attending the Gatton / Glenore Grove Prize meeting today which has about 60 competitors for the day. Looks like Peter Birch and Dave Keenan have started 500 yards with good hits 59.5 and a 60.6 respectively. Des Voght is trying his hand at F Std for the day and Corey Hoosen…

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March 8, 2020

Results – 500 Yards Competition 29/2/20

The rain that has been around all week, showered the range in the late morning but held off for the rest of the afternoon. North Arm Range was it usual tricky self, with wind catching some shooters off guard during the afternoon. It was predominantly from the right, but at times swung around to come…

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March 1, 2020

Club Competition 400 yards 15 February 2020

After all the rain the region has received in the past week, today was a very hot and humid day. We had a small number of shooters, with only 17 shooters and 15 being counted towards competition results. The weather held off from the ominous dark clouds that rolled in around 2:30, and thankfully just…

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February 16, 2020