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Davison Range North Arm

Proud home of precision long range target shooting on Queensland's Sunshine Coast

Welcome to North Arm Rifle Club

20/12/2021 - COVID condition compliance will be required for all particpants at the range.

North Arm Rifle Club provides experienced shooters and those interested to Come and Try our sport with a well equipped, friendly, safe and picturesque venue for precision long range target rifle shooting. We are located at The Davison Range Target Sports Complex, between Yandina and Eumundi, and centrally located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

The sport of Fullbore covers several different disciplines including:
  • F-Class using a rest and telescopic sights
  • Target Rifle using a sling and open sights
  • Anzac .303 using rifles of historical military significance.

At Davison Range Fullbore is shot between 300 metres to 700 yards. To be a successful shooter competitively our sport requires training, experience, refinement of technique, skills such as wind reading (which can be especially challenging among the hills of Davison Range), handloading, patience and concentration. Fullbore competitors also score and check score for each other during competition.

North Arm Rifle Club offers shooting each Saturday on a fortnightly cycle of practice and club competition together with annual prize meetings events. Please see our range calendar for a full list of forthcoming events. Visitors are always welcome to the club and unlicenced shooters wishing to Come and Try need to make an appointment to attend a club practice day where they will receive one on one guidance to safely experience the thrill and challenges of fullbore shooting. To make an appointment to Come and Try  call Des on 0408063896. 

Please Note:

For the purpose of any inquires, this web page and contact phone number ONLY relates to the North Arm Rifle Club (long range full bore shooting) and NOT to SSAA Sunshine Coast Branch, North Arm Shot Gun Club or North Arm Pistol Club. For information regarding these OTHER THREE CLUBS, using the North Arm Target Sports Complex, please refer to their web pages. Direct links to these clubs below.

North Arm Rifle Club is home to a diverse range of shooters and always welcomes new members. Our club members include men and women, those who shoot casually and put emphasis on the social side of the club and those who are fiercely competitive nationally.